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[ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. it's the worst possible news. police find the body of a missing petaluma teenager. tonight the outpouring of support. good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. not just one family but an entire community lost a loved one today. the missing teenaged girl was found dead in south lake tahoe and tonight the tight-knit petaluma community is what it knows best, support each other.
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hundreds of people gathered at the high school, the alma mater of alyssa byrne. she was found in the snow this morning, almost four days after she went missing. we have several reports tonight. we begin in petaluma with nbc bay area's kimberly tere. >> reporter: good evening. hundreds of people came 0 out to pay their respects to alyssa byrne. many left behind candles and notes and flowers and told us how devastating this loss is to the community. >> she was always smiling and laughing. she was the kind of person who lived her own life. it breaks my heart to see her gone. >> she's an amazing person. >> reporter: those who knew 19-year-old alyssa byrne, and even some who did not, gathered at her alma mater to honor her. the teenager who graduated in 2011 disappeared in south lake tahoe where she was with some friends for new year's. her body was found this morning. >> it was hard to hear because it was not something i expected.
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and i didn't think that this was going to be the conclusion. >> you see it on tv all the time. you never think l it will happen to your family but when it does, you get a hole in your heart. >> reporter: friends and family say alyssa was one of a kind. she was known for her love of sports he is peespecially lacroh she played in high school. after graduation she coached a youth team, many of her young players and their parents were here tonight. >> she was my favorite coach i ever had. she was really nice and she didn't treat us like we were little kids. >> she had such a great -- she was fun to be around. she loved these girls. taught them a lot. >> reporter: loved ones say they learned a lot from alyssa, to live life to 0 the fullest and not take anything for grant ed. they say she would have been humbled by the outpouring of love and support in petaluma tonight. >> everybody knows everybody.
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and everybody feels for everybody. we're all family. >> it's just amazing that just one person can bring this whole community together. >> reporter: in petaluma, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> several restaurants were planning fund-raisers to help support the search efforts. now that money will go to the family for funeral costs. pongo's is donating 50% of its sales. one of the owners is close, tight and knows alyssa. she felt she had to do something. >> this is my nightmare coming true for another mom. i get very emotional being a mom of three kids, one of them is 16 and twins that are 13. so i just hope that they can hang on to any hope that they have, and whatever we can do to help, we're going to do it. >> now here are some of the dine and donate events.
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on saturday beyond the glory is donating 10% of saturday sales to the family. pongo's kitchen will hold its fund-raiser from 8:00 to 5:00. now in the midst of all this it grief engulfing petaluma and the byrne family, there is still the unanswered question, what happened to alyssa new year's eve night. how did her body end up in a snow bank? she was discovered half mile from the music festival but in the opposite direction of the hotel where she was supposedly headed. monte francis is in south lake tahoe. so tragic and baffling. >> reporter: good evening from lake tahoe. investigators say they do not suspect foul play and have not yet determined a cause of death. we are just down the road from where alyssa byrne's body was discovered this morning. her friends tell us they questioned the sheriff's department theory about how she
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died. >> it is with deep regret we announce we have recovered the body of alyssa byrne. >> reporter: a high snow bank along pioneer trail in lake tahoe obstructed the view of searchers for three days until this morning a utility worker in an elevated truck saw the body of 19-year-old alyssa byrne. her friends who had accompanied her to the three-day snow globe music festival, it was the worst news possible. >> that's what everyone is worried about. >> reporter: friends say alyssa liked to wander off by herself. investigators say the road where her body was found lies between the horizon hotel, where she was staying, and the concert venue. >> at this time in their investigation they do not see outward signs of trauma. >> reporter: they say it's likely she was among the many concert goers who decided to walk back from the concert. because the line for the shuttle buses were too long. that seems to contradict a
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statement from one of her friends investigators say was the last to see alyssa alive. alex says he ran into alyssa after midnight and she was intoxicated or under the influence of some kind of drug. investigators say he was probably mistaken but they haven't completely discounted his story. >> it's possible she returned to the event and came back? that's a possibility. those are all theories we look into. >> reporter: i spoke to that witness by phone this afternoon, and he told me, quote, i'm absolutely sure i saw her at the h hotel between 12:30 and 1:00. i think the sheriffs are lying. they won't even show me the tape. i mean, how do you fall asleep in a snow bank when it's 10 degrees outside? investigators say tweets alyssa sent earlier during the day about a fallout with a friend. the cause of death could take up to a month. in lake tahoe, monte fran is
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sis, nbc bay area news. >> on the latest updates go to new details tonight in the chandra levy murder. more than 11 years after the modesto native vanished, the case seems to be taking another twist. "the modesto bee" wrangled in a secret session for nearly two hours today. they were discussing information that could undermine a prosecution witness and possibly change the outcome of this trial. you might recall in 2010 a jury found this man guilty of killing levy after attacking her on a trail in washington, d.c., park back in 2001. initially the investigation centered on former central valley congressman gary condit who levy interned for at the time of her disappearance. he was never a suspect in the case. a deadly accident shut down several lanes.
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a man was hit and killed by a car in san jose just before 7:30 this evening. the driver did stay at the scene. if you get caught it's a hefty fine, driving in the car-pool lane alone. but a bay area man says he wasn't really alone and this is where the story gets legally tricky and this could have a national impact. jean elle has the story. >> reporter: car-pooling signs here say two persons have to be in the car to use the lanes legally. under the law a corporation is a person. so jonathan freeman says his corporation should be considered a person in his car. jonathan freeman wants his day in court. in october he intentionally drove by himself in the car-pool
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lane and got a ticket. >> it took me ten years to get a ticket. >> reporter: he says he wasn't really alone. he had his corporation papers along are for the ride. >> i have corporation papers here. so a person yelled at me, you need two persons in the car. i said, i've got them. >> reporter: under the law a corporation is a person. the car-pool lane sign says two person must be in the car. freeman says he's just taking advantage of corporate power. >> i'm just taking the power and resting the power using it for my service for driving in the car-pool lane. are. >> reporter: this law professor sees the road freeman is going down but says the intent of the car-pool lane law is to get cars off the road and freeman is steering away from the intent of the law. >> the court might say, well, a corporation is a person so that will work but i doubt it. >> reporter: freeman is hoping
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to take his case well beyond the traffic hearing. he wants corporate personhood and the protections corporations have debated in a higher court. >> to turn this legal definition on its head. >> reporter: he has the ticket he hopes will shift the conversation into higher gear. he has a hearing on monday hoping it's the first of many hearings. reporting in marin county, jean elle, nbc bay area news. well, they deliberately hid millions of dollars. that's how the state attorney general is describing the scandal surrounding the packs department. a report released today says the highest level park administrators were afraid lawmakers would cut the department's budget if they revealed they had a secret fund. that fund was started in 1987 by a former deputy director. the money kept for more than a decade growing to as much as $29 million in 2003. the parks director fired last
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year continues to deny she knew anything about the money. none of which was stolen or misspent, just hidden. well, they battled the fire but did they also start it by accident? a new federal investigation says firefighters may have ignited that massive fire at chevron's oil refinery in richmond last august. chevron says its firefighters responded to reports of a small leak in a 40-year-old pipe. investigators now say where the pipe failed the lines appeared to have been punctured from the outside. the damage could have happened accidentally as firefighters tore away the insulation. and good evening. i'm swref jeff in the nbc bay area weather center. warmer this hour as compared to the>> al: couple of nights. 45 in san jose. it's a big changes for the weekend that include rain on the way. i'll have your full time line coming up in a few minutes. thank you, jeff. just ahead, flashy ads, dangerous distractions. research on what may be causing drivers to lose focus on bay
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area freeways. >> and the high flying work on a local bridge all in the name of art. plus, the pelosi photo shop controversy. the picture that has the congressman doing some explaining tonight.
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the suspect accused of killing a millionaire appeared in court for the first time today. 1-year-old javier garcia, lucas anderson and deangelo austin are accused of breaking into the mansion of robby kumra killing him. they are charged with beating his ex-wife during the alleged home invasion. the two were still living together at the time. in the court today neither
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suspect acknowledged the other in anyway way. all three will enter their plea february 4th. a fourth suspect is charged with being an accessory after the fact. raven dixon was not in court today. police want you to take a close look at these surveillance photos tonight. they believe the woman shown here stole a credit card in santa cruz and wracked up a huge bill at various stores including target and coach. they say she made thousands of dollars in purchases. if you recognize her, you are asked to call the police department. they light up the night sky for everyone to see but that seems to be the problem, those billboards may be working too well. >> plenty of them around the bay area along 101 and 880. a live look now at some of the billboards on 101. advertisers love it but is it distracting drivers? you see it there. it's pretty bright. george kiriyama has more.
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they take your attention. >> reporter: too bright, too dangerous. that's how drivers explain these flashing digital billboards on the side of highways and freeways. >> you see it flashing right in front of your face, it's going to throw you off when you're driving and trying to pay attention to the road. >> reporter: a recent study concludes drivers look at digital billboards for two seconds. anything that takes a driver's eyes off the road for more than two seconds greatly increases the risk of an accident. >> it distracts me a lot. i have a tendency i want to stare at them and watch them. they go through different things and i want to see all of them and it's distracting my driving. >> reporter: the state allows digital billboards. they've been around since 2007 when the highway administration gave the green light to install them along road sides. the fha at the time concluded the billboards did not pose a significant danger to drivers. some drivers say it will get worse if they add movement to
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the ads. >> when they add movement, which i predict will happen, ones with people talking or moving, that will be very distracting and i think very dangerous. >> reporter: karen says she has seen drivers put on their brakes. >> i like the old ones better. they're less distracting. you glance, you get the point. you don't stare at them. oh, what's this? >> there's not been a study yet on the number of accidents caused by these signs but the swedish study mentioned in the story there will be presented by a national transportation conference in washington, d.c., later this month. it's a late night mission in the dark that soon will be visible to you. crews are working through the night to attach 25,000 l.e.d. lights to the bay bridge cable all for the upcoming bay lights project. they plan to turn the north side into the western span into a moving light display. they are working hundreds of
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feet above the bridge in very frigid temperatures. >> it's actually exciting. part of something that only a handful of people in the world will ever be able to say they've done. >> so far workers installed 40% of the lights. it is scheduled to officially switch on march 5. >> so let's get this straight. if it's cold here on ground level, they're up about 25 flights. it has to be freezing up there. >> you can shave off 10 to 15 degrees for those workers on the bay bridge and cold in our studio tonight. the past couple of nights it seems like that heater is trying to catch up. enough about what's happening in our studio. to our latest on the doppler radar. it's dry throughout the north bay and the south bay but that's going to be changing quickly for your weekend with some rainfall moving in early saturday and speaking of rainfall we've been off to a wet start here throughout the entire bay area with a real strong november and also december. in fact, take a look at this. in san jose, 15 days with rain
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in december. overall for the entire month 4.24 inches of rain nearly doubling what we have on average for the entire month in san jose. so the ground is saturated. we're going to add to that tomorrow but the good news is it's not expected to be a major storm system but some wet weather coming our way. also numbers warmer this hour. in the south bay, cold outside. it probably doesn't feel it's warmer compared to this time yesterday but it's about five to seven degrees warmer throughout san jose and for sunnyvale. outside to the live hd camera. we have plenty of haze out here. no storm activity yet. no cloud cover moving in but a lot of traffic in the bottom of your screen. in san francisco we're looking at clear conditions and some haze out near the coastal mountains. we will see that cloud cover tomorrow that will give us slightly warmer temperatures. a look at the storm system.
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it is quickly advancing, picking up more intensity than originally thought two to three days ago. southerly moisture and it's about 350 to 400 miles away, so sooner rather than later that rainfall is going to get here and it looks like overall a quarter to a half inch of rain. winds 15 to 25 miles an hour and some slick sierra travel. let's get you into the time line. as we start off tomorrow morning, we'll have the cloud cover with us. not much in the way of rainfall. as we head throughout the day, 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00, pull out those umbrellas and get that jacket handy because a few widespread and back to the east bay. then once we get through this afternoon round of rainfall we'll see scattered showers for the evening hours, plans at 9:00 and 10:00 at night. may still need that umbrella for a little inbit and a lingering shower. the rain tries to push off to the south so sunday looks like the better day.
11:20 pm
it will even get in on sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon hours. up in the sierra snow. 2 to 4 inches expected up across the summit making for slick travel. otherwise 39 in fremont. 39 in san jose and 39 in the valley with mid-30s in livermore. patchy fog in the bay with 33 in santa rosa. otherwise your daytime highs on saturday should top out slightly cooler. 57 in palo 0 alto. one of the colder spots the tri-valley. 55 in walnut creek. 58 in livermore. 57 in the castro valley. san francisco 57. and 56 expect ed in santa rosa. heading to pacifica, blustery with the rain and wind. expecting 55. that rain moving in as we head throughout tomorrow. lingering into sunday morning and then we'll get dry weather in here as we head into monday.
11:21 pm
as you look at tuesday and wednesday, also thursday, dry weather expected with temperatures in the upper 50s and also the low 60s. so, again, it looks like all the rain will be contained to sunday. the storm system has sped up a little bit so saturday afternoon expect the rain to start rolling on in. >> but the weekend is here. >> it is. i'm so excited. up next, the pelosi photo shop flap. say that three times. what the congresswoman is saying about it. ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything.
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keeping people safe, that's the goal. the fda wants to overhaul the food safety system. they haven't done something like this in 70 years. here are the details. food domestic and foreign will have to have a written plan to identify safety hazards and how to prevent them. produce farmer will have to ensure their water and soil is
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clean and food born illnesses cause about 3,000 deaths a year. congresswoman nancy pelosi is on the defensive tonight over a photo-op and it's not just any fphoto-op. i want to show you a pig tour showing the large number of women in congress can but it's not what it seems. pelosi admits the photo was photo shopped, four women added because they were running late and didn't show up. she defended the move saying it was an accurate historical record of who the democratic women of congress are. she added it was freezing cold out and they needed to get back into the building and back to work. a bay area sports legend is stepping down.
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good evening. i'm brodie brazil. he is highly regarded as the architect of the streak. they once won 151 consecutive football games.
11:27 pm
after 34 years and 28 section titles he decided to call it quits today. he began his tenure as a 25-year-old with no experience. he steps down as the winningest coach in the state since the last 21 section titles in a row. he spoke of a storied career earlier this after knoop. >> i couldn't have asked for a better career or better life and, most important, i couldn't have asked for a better school to work in. this is an amazing place. there's a lot of community, a lot of love. there's a lot of people that are so dedicate d to what they do, it's not about money. it's not about a paycheck. it's about a mission and it's about walk iing away from this life making your acre a little bit better than when you found it. >> the warriors next opponent is
11:28 pm
the clippers. kobe bryant hits the jumper. the lakers within two. now less than 30 to go in the game, clippers up four. chris paul will seal the deal with this jumper. he had 30 points, six rebounds. 107-102. stanford facing colorado in women's hoops. cardinals up 13. working the low block, the lefty hook goes. late second half, stanford. she goes coast to coast, 20 points, 11 boards. stanford wins. how about cal in the early first half up one. hits the three. the bears led by 12 at the break. second half utah down eight. plouffe hits the three. duke pulled to within five.
11:29 pm
same score, clarendon, guess what, another shot from downtown it goes. she had 18 and cal wins by five points. how about the cotton bowl, texas a&m against oklahoma. heisman trophy winner manziel. they decide to run it. 23 yards in a pay dirt. the aggies take a 7-0 advantage early in this one. in the fourth quarter texas a&m, airing it out 34 yards. the touchdown is complete. 516 all-purpose yards. four total touchdowns as they win 41-13. we also leave you with this. michael crabtree and frank gore both fined $10,500 because in their last game of the regular season finale at candlestick they threw the touchdown football in the stands. the nfl says that puts the fans at a safety risk. >> chump change. chump change. >> for those guys. take care.
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all right. we're going to take a look at the seven-day forecast. >> there it is. there it is. >> rain beginning here tomorrow afternoon lingering into sunday morning. sunday afternoon the best part of your weekend. stay dry.
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...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- courteney cox, joy behar, the music of youngbloo

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